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 Truck Tire Express Inc. is proud to offer a great tire service for the commercial trucks! When you have a flat tire or you would like to change tires, brakes or shocks, we are able to help you with that service with the minimum time and money.

 We are committed to provide excellent service, with the goal of giving our customers a reason to smile.

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Heavy Duty customers can now diagnose tire wear conditions in 1/3 of the time. New technology from Hunter Engineering provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 4 minutes. FEATURES SELF-CENTERING WHEEL CLAMPS This truck alignment equipment features standard wheel clamps that allow clamping of wheels 15-28″ in diameter. Optional mini clamps. ROLLING COMPENSATION With this heavy duty alignment machine, no jacking is required! Compensate all sensors at once & short roll comp. TRUCK PUSHER Easily move vehicle for rolling comp, rechargeable battery & doubles as a wheel chock. FULLY INTEGRATED ALIGNMENT Auto-locking turnplates & built-in turnplate bridges allow for rolling comp. CORDLESS OPERATION WinAlign® HD truck alignment equipment does not have cumbersome cables & hot-swappable batteries RUGGED Integrated electronic components enhance reliability, Lightweight, rubberized design & Impact-prone areas protected by integrated rubber bumpers.

To keep your tires in good condition and longer life you have to inspect your shocks each time when you changing the oil. We recommend to change shocks each time when you changing tires.

The drums should also be replaced when the shoes are replaced, because they can wear down and can also develop heat cracks. Replace the brake drum if any of the following conditions are found: heat checks, one or more that extend completely across the brake surface. Heat check cracks that are 0.06 inches wide and/or 0.12 inches deep or greater.

Semi truck is perhaps the most critical type of vehicle when it comes to the importance of brakes. When 80,000 pounds of truck and trailer are barreling down the freeway, you need to know that they will be able to stop efficiently and quickly when needed. Brake failure is a common cause for accidents involving tractor trailers, and these accidents are an excellent cause for a lawsuit. If you wish to avoid a lawsuit for your fleet, pay close attention for your brakes. Set up a routine plan for having a professional service the brakes on your semi trucks. While the distance a truck can travel between brake service is going to vary depending on the driving habits of the driver, it's best to have the brakes inspected and maintained every time you have the truck's oil changed. This will keep the driver, the truck and everyone on the road with them as safe as possible.

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