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This listing is for new Yokohama TY517 MC2 11R22.5 H/16PLY Tires. 

Yokohama TY517 MC2 is a commercial truck tire made for long-haul and regional applications.

Tire features:

  • Drive axle tire.
  • 28/32” tread depth improves the road-grabbing power and delivers long wear.
  • Three circumferential grooves help to disperse the water and slush out of the tire’s tread, providing stability and reducing the hydroplaning risk.
  • Solid outer shoulder assists with flat and even wear on all types of two and three-axle trucks and tractors.
  • Advanced tread compound technology reduces heat buildup, provides longer wear, and reduces rolling resistance, leading to lower fuel consumption.
  • STEM-2 Technology reduces the strain on the bead and shoulder areas, minimizes flex in the casing, and extends its life.
  • Tapered center groove assists with stone ejection and reduces the risk of puncturing.
  • M+S rated tire.

Yokohama TY517 16PLY 11R22.5

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