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Combining the maximum drive axle power of Yokohoma popular TY517™ with  fuel-saving MC2
technology, Yokohoma engineered a long haul tire that really drives your profits. Because when you
add up outstanding traction, long, even wear, durability for multiple retreads and exceptional fuel
efficiency—it equals savings you can count on.


  • Three Large Circumferential Grooves are extra wide,
    self-cleaning and V-shaped for improved water dispersion,
    lateral stability and long, even wear.
  • Advanced Tread Compound Technology (MC2) reduces heat,
    provides longer wear and reduces rolling resistance, all resulting
    in lower fuel consumption. The TY517 MC2 has earned SmartWaysm
    verification by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Stress-resistant performanceSTEM-2 Technology (StrainEnergy Minimization) extends the life of
    the casing by redirecting normally destructive forces. This process
    greatly reduces strain on the critical bead and shoulder areas by
    minimizing flex in the casing
  • This Tapered Center Groove promotes stone ejection and reduces
    tread-stone damage for enhanced casing life and retreadability


Yokohama TY517

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