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Prinx AR602


  • All season performance
  • Fuel-efficient drive
  • Longer-lasting tread life
  • Comfortable drive


The Prinx AR602 is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. The model is made for all axle positions.

The model guarantees great all weather performance. The tread design, with wide grooves and a siping detail, firmly grips the road in dry, wet, and winter conditions. The all season compound keeps the rubber flexible in all season temperatures. The stronger compound keeps the tire pliable in hot summer and cold winter conditions. Wide grooves eliminate water and slush from the footprint, protecting the tire against hydroplaning.

The tire promotes a fuel-efficient performance. The ribbed tread design and the stronger rubber compound lower the rolling resistance. This reduces the energy needed to keep the tires in motion, decreasing the vehicle's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This guarantees an environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient driving experience.

The flat footprint and the rubber compound extend the tire's service life. The tread design is able to evenly distribute driving pressure along the tread area, while the rubber compound slows the tread wear rate down. These elements enable the tire to prevent irregular and premature wear along the tread. As a result, the slower and even wear significantly improves usability.

The Prinx AR602 also guarantees a comfortable driving experience. The ribbed tread design closely follows the road surface, reducing road and tread noise levels and vibrations reaching the passengers. The tread design lowers road noise levels, while the consistent road contact absorbs the shock of driving and minimizes vibrations. This combination guarantees a quiet and enjoyable performance.

Prinx AR602 18PLY 245/70R22.5

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