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245/70R17.5 Michelin XTA2 Commercial Truck Tire (18 Ply) The XTA2 from Michelin Tire is a radial trailer tire for commercial trailers used in regional and line hauling applications. The Michelin XTA2 tire is often used on low bed, high cube trailer operations. The Michelin XTA2 tire was built with a low rolling resistance tread compound for improved fuel economy. Built with see-through circumferential grooves the XTA2 features efficient water evacuation for good wet braking and traction throughout the life of the tire. A more durable crown package increases casing life and enhances tire retread-ability. For Michelin XTA2 trailer tires call, or order from our online tire store today. Manufacturer: Michelin Tire Manufacturers Part Number: 78370 Ply Rating: 18 Ply Load Range: J Loaded Radius: 14.2 Inches Overall Diameter: 31.2 Inches Overall Width: 9.5 Inches Approved Rims: 6.75, 7.50 Minimum Dual Spacing: 10.6 Inches RPM: 670 Tread Depth: 13 (32nds) Max Speed: 62 MPH Max Load (Single): 6005 lbs at 125 psi Max Load (Dual): 5675 lbs at 125 psi Tire Weight: 70.3 lbs Find more commercial truck tires

Michelin XTA2

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