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295/75R22.5 Michelin X Line Energy T2 Commercial Truck Tire (14 Ply)

The X Line Energy T from Michelin is a radial trailer tire for commercial trucks used in line haul applications.  The X Line Energy T tire features low rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy.  Built with a dual compound tread that offers both durability and fuel economy.  X Line Energy T tires are SmartWay verified and offer long tread life and durability.  For the Michelin X Line Energy T commercial truck tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

    Manufacturer: Michelin Tire
    Manufacturers Part Number: 41669
    Load Rating: G
    Loaded Radius: 18.4 Inches
    Overall Diameter: 39.7 Inches
    Overall Width: 11.4 Inches
    Approved Rims: 8.25, 9.00
    Minimum Dual Spacing: 13
    Tread Depth: 11 (32nds)
    Max Speed: 75 MPH
    Max Load (Single): 6175 lbs
    Max Load (Dual):
    Tire Weight: 115 lbs
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    Michelin Tire is a global leader in the production and distribution of all types of tires. Michelin North America is the US branch of Michelin Tire and has operations in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Michelin North America maintains headquarters and manufacturing plants in each of these countries which further demonstrates their commitment to their valued customers.

    Michelin XLET2

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