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The RA from General Tire is a radial all position tire for commercial trucks used in regional and pickup and delivery applications. The General RA is a long lasting tire, that has a tread compound designed for resistance to abrasions, cutting and chipping.  For the General RA commercial truck tire, call or order from our online tire store today. 


Manufacturer: General Tire

Manufacturers Part Number: 05122930000

Ply Rating: 16

Load Range: H

This tire replaces the General S371
Max Speed: 75 mph

Overall Diameter: 43.4 Inches 

Loaded Section Width: 11.9 Inches
Inflated Width: 11.1 Inches 

Tread Depth: 20 (32nds) 

Allowed Rims: 8.25, 7.50

Weight: 128 lbs 

Single Max Load Pressure: 7160 lbs at 120 psi 

Dual Max Load Pressure:  6610 lbs at 120 psi

Revolutions Per Mile: 477
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Applications: Regional Hauling, Pickup and Delivery, On/Off Highway

The General RA commonly replaces the following tires:

Firestone FS507

Yokohama 103ZR
BF Goodrich ST230


General Tire has been producing tires for more than 100 years. They accomplish this by being a leader who innovates by introducing technology and styles that meet the ever changing needs of their customers.  Started in 1915 the General Tire Company has been producing tires for all types and brands of vehicles.  


General Tire sells tires for passenger, light truck, truck, bus, off road through a variety of different channels.


Since 1987 General Tire has been a member of the Continental Tire Company family of tire manufacturers.


About Continental Tire

Continental Tire is the tire manufacturing division of Continental AG.  Continental Tire designs and manufacturers innovative products for trucks, buses, industrial vehicles, cars, light trucks and vans. Continental Tire has a goal of producing products and services that are safe, economical, and ecologically efficient. 


With 22 manufacturing and research and development facilities throughout the world, Continental Tire is a leader in the tire industry. Continental continuous investment in research and development make it a leader in tire innovation and manufacturing.


Continental Tire is one of the largest manufacturers of truck, bus and industrial tires in the world.

General RA

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