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he Double Coin RR150 is a premium 5 rib steer and all position tire.  The Double Coin RR150 tire was specially designed to reduce irregular wear. The Double Coin RR150 tires improved contour provides outstanding strength, durability and retread-ability.  The Double Coin RR150 tire was designed to minimize shoulder cracking and step wear. For the Double Coin RR150 tire, order from our online tire store today.

Manufacturer: Double Coin Tire


Double Coin is a leading manufacturer of tires for all types and sizes of equipment. As a division of CMA, Double Coin is known for their innovative tread patterns, quality rubber compounds and high value to cost ratio. Double Coin Tire makes a full line of bias ply and radial tires for trailers, forklifts, loaders, trucks and earth moving equipment. 


Built with quality and value in mind, Double Coin is known for the REM line of off-road tires, the Dynatrail line of trailer tires and the RT line of commercial truck tires. Featuring premium construction and rugged long lasting rubber compounds, Double Coin is a full featured tire manufacturer who understands the need for a tire built to perform.

Double Coin’s mission is to build high quality tires at a competitive price in order to become your first choice when you purchase tires. They do this by delivering a full range of products, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Double Coin RR150

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