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The R123 Ecopia is designed for applications in both long-haul and regional service. This ultra-fuel efficient tire is a smart choice for a more sustainable future. An achievement in low rolling resistance design, the R123 Ecopia delivers nearly $400 in fuel savings over 100,000 miles over the R197 Ecopia. Ideal for fleets looking to maximize fuel dollars, and a lower total cost of ownership. For the Bridgestone R123 Ecopia commercial truck tire, call or order from our online tire store today.


Manufacturer: Bridgestone Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 003127
Ply Rating: 14
Max Speed: 75 mph 
Overall Diameter: 40.6 Inches
Section Width: 11.3 Inches
Tread Depth: 11 (32nds)
Recommended Rim: 8.25
Weight: 103 lbs
Single Max Load Pressure: 6175 lbs at 105 psi
Dual Max Load Pressure:  5840 lbs at 105 psi
Revolutions Per Mile: 512
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Bridgestone Tire is the product of the merging of two of the finest tire manufacturers in the world. The company has many divisions that help serve all of their customer’s needs. Bridgestone tires produces tires for passenger, light truck, truck, bus, off road, motorcycle, agricultural and kart applications. 


Bridgestone/Bandag Commercial Solutions, offers retreading customers access to industry-leading research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales expertise, providing them with a total tire solution. Today, Bridgestone Americas consists of an international family of enterprises with more than 50 production facilities and more than 43,000 employees throughout the Americas. 


The Bridgestone family prides themselves on investing in research and development that help to offer new products which incorporate the latest technology, like winter tires, better fuel economy and Run-Flat technology, for better, safer products.

Bridgestone R123

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